It’s been way too long since our last post, and now couldn’t be a better time to make one.  We recently finished up 2 incredible tables, both very unique in their own ways.

The first is a Reclaimed Oak Farm House Table.



Its amazing what you can build from wood that looks to be ‘junk’.  We didn’t have a whole lot of faith in the wood when it first showed up to the shop.


It was warped, cupped, twisted, cracked, painted and had holes that went on for days.  


After cleaning the boards up with the planer and straight lining them (thanks to our Festool Track Saw), we were able to start the glue up.  


Then came filling the holes with a black epoxy fill for a natural look. This process went on for days, because of the 24hr dry time of the epoxy and finding new holes each time.  


After the sixth day, all of the holes were FINALLY filled.

 The table legs needed to be distressed to match the look of the table top.  We accomplished that by hammering, nailing and rolling them around on our rock driveway.  There’s no wrong way to distress a piece, its quite the stress reliever.  Next, the legs and skirting were assembled to ensure a perfect fit for the gorgeous top that would make it its home.  




The next step in the process is fine sanding, staining and finishing.


This top turned out pretty awesome compared to what we thought we were going to be able to create out of the ‘junk’ oak wood we received.



The second table actually started over a year ago, when we brought home a Walnut tree and ran it through the saw mill.  We knew this tree was something special and decided to get as many live edge slabs as possible.  Ten good pieces were cut out of it that could make five book matched tables.  Next, the slabs were slatted and stacked to dry in the wood shed.


Once the appropriate moisture content was met, we decided they were ready to be built into a table.  Many, many hours of meticulous work (planing, measuring, straight lining, cutting, gluing, epoxying holes, building the legs, sanding, staining and finishing) in the shop led to one of our favorite tables to date.







We are confident that the special owners will share many meals and make wonderful memories around these tables for years and years to come.  One of the greatest things about this line of work is being able to create family heirlooms that will last multiple lifetimes.



We hope you enjoyed this post (Please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ if so) and have a great Christmas.   We’re really excited to spend time with our family over the holidays and to see the excitement on their faces Christmas morning.

Don’t Forget….. Call us today for a quote on your next custom table, cabinets or anything else you can dream up.  We have several slabs left!

Scott White