Building a Future


HOW is it already 2015!? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our sweet baby girl, Ava, home from the hospital.


She’s still the sweetest, but also the most ornery, funniest little baby TODDLER!  Not possible, right?


This past year has been the best year of our lives!! We watched our daughter and business grow!  We continue to enjoy shaping her little mind and nurturing our growing business.  We knew life was only going to get busier with the addition of a child, but we never imaged how rapidly our business would take off!!  It has been nothing short of AMAZING!! We have been growing at a steady pace and Scott knew things in the shop needed to change before he had to start turning business down.  We decided to take a leap of faith and….build a new shop!  Concrete was poured back in October and there has been no looking back.  It is now the 7th of January and he has a fully functioning 48’x84′ shop!


The old “shop” turned garage.  It now houses our vehicles and Ava’s outside toys.

**Don’t mind the 8 legged cat, Tajsa.  She was walking along while taking a panoramic photo.  I couldn’t help but share this!  Haha!  Creepy!

The garage is now clear of all wood working related materials.  Its WEIRD!!  I never thought I’d miss the dust and loud shop tools so much!  The new shop is only 20 feet outside the now garage door, but that seems so far compared to where it used to be…especially on days like today with the wind chill of -3º.  (First world problems, I know.)  We like to visit Daddy while he works.  🙂


Below: The new Shop!!


Scott was able to purchase some new tools that will make it significantly easier to accomplish a finished product.  This is HUGE for a one man show.    He now has a finish room and a clean room IN the shop.  Before, he was having to carry every single piece, large or small, to his tiny, make-shift spray room and back after it dried.  If you know Kansas weather, you know its a bit temperamental.  You don’t exactly want to carry an unfinished piece of wood out in the rain or snow.  Or a 2’x8′ panel out in a 30+mph wind…it usually doesn’t end well. That being said, Scott is extremely excited to use his new set up.

Below: Old Finish room vs. New


Below: Drying/Clean room


As our business and daughter keep to growing, we continue to thank God for everything that he has provided to us.  We would have nothing if it weren’t for Him.  We are blessed with so much and we never want to take that for granted.  We thank him daily for the best clients!  Scott and I want to thank you ALL!! Wether you are a past, present for future client, THANK YOU!!