Taking Shape

Now that all of drawers are assembled, its time to get to work on rail for the doors.


I began by ripping all of the rails out for the doors


and then running them through the shaper.


Once that was complete, I glued up boards to make door panels.  When they were dry, I cut all of the panels to size and began running them through the shaper.  This process usually takes some time, but when done right the finished product is awesome!


Next, the stiles edges need to be sealed with glue so that all of the pores are closed off and the doors will have the strongest bond possible when assembled.


After the edges have been glued, the doors are are ready to be put together.

995617_10152150437178798_1867271130_n (1)

Once the doors have had time to dry, I scrape the excess glue off and run them through the sander.

1560609_10152150436948798_490993191_n (1)

Next we cut the doors down to exact size, sand the edges and then profile them.



The next step is to stain everything!!


After the time consuming process of staining if finished, the even more time consuming process of spraying EVERYTHING with a durable finish is next!


Everything gets at least three coats of finish to ensure the highest possible quality and durability of the wood.


After two coats of finish to the doors, it comes time to glaze them.  This is an option that the homeowner choses to have done.  It gives the doors a little more depth and character.

(Below: Pre-glaze)


(Below: Application of Glaze)


(Below: Removal of Excess Glaze)


Once the glazing process is complete, the doors are sprayed with another coat of finish!  They are then allowed to dry and cure before moving on to…



This kitchen is really about to start taking shape!!

Stay tuned…and stay warm on this cold day! 🙂