New Arrival!!

Well, the high for today is a whopping 42 degrees, which feels like a heat wave compared the the negative temperatures we experienced yesterday.  Fortunately, we are lucky enough to work in a heated shop this time of year, summer will be another story, due to lack of a cooling system.  I received a call around 7:15 this morning from our wood distributor saying our latest load of wood will be delivered in about an hours time.  Its always exciting getting a shipment of wood, even when it is only 7 degrees out. 🙂  Unloading 425 board foot of solid Maple and 10 sheets of plywood by hand is the quickest way to warm up in these frigid temperatures.

Maple wood

Now that the wood is off the truck and sitting outside the shop, the next step is…carry it all in the shop.  My wife is lucky enough to get to help with this process. 😉  I was nice and told her we would wait until it warmed up a little bit before bringing all of it inside.  I quickly got to work by cutting all of the drawers to size.

Maple Drawers

Then I began the time consuming process of dovetailing.  Its a loud and messy process, but it makes a huge difference in the appearance and sturdiness of the drawers.  

Dovetailing 1


Quality is key at SAW Creations!!

We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the start of a new year!! 🙂